The first immortal on Earth, she was granted immortality by extraterrestrial beings that she saved from death. Her immortality is fed through Starstones, and only she can unlock them. The nature of the immortals' dependency on the stones for immortality means that they also depend on her to continue their lives, which is where Macallan Orsel comes into play for the rebellion.

Evangeline asked for immortality because she wanted to pursue the Eden Initiative, which was a belief in which all people should turn to science as a central belief system. She, in pursuing this interest, began to be embroiled in her own power and corrupted eventually, turning into a paranoid, arrogant mad woman.

The rebellion seeks to overthrow her and set Macallan at the throne of the immortals.

As Said by ChristofEdit

Evangeline Leifreik was born in the high fjord country of Norway. At an early age, her intellect and spiritual awareness were recognized by her village elders and she was groomed to become a shaman and leader of her tribe. The Valkyrie tribes flourished under Evangeline's leadership and realized many advancements in herbal medicine and natural science.

In the year 1038, she encountered a British explorer named Pieter Scarletton with whom she fell in love with. She forsook her tribe to live with the British in an outpost town known as Somnertock. While she loved Scarletton desperately, the citizens of Somnertock regarded Evangeline with suspicion and resentment. Her devotion to the natural sciences and her Valkyrie heritage raised suspicions of witchcraft.

One evening, while searching in the woods, Evangeline discovered two alien lifeforms, Elgar and Kirana, from the planet Sorax. After their spacecraft crashed on Earth, Evangeline healed their injuries and nursed them back to health. To thank her for saving their lives, the aliens altered Evangeline's DNA, thus maker her an immortal.

But to sustain her immortality, Evangeline must periodically absorb energy from a Starstone to re-energize her cells. She is also given the ability to convert other human's DNA to become immortal. But only Evangeline can unlock and transmute a Starstone's energy. Thus, she has become the mother of all immortals on Earth, both conferring their eternal lifespan and being the only one to provide the energy to sustain it.

With her newly granted powers, Evangeline created Leviathan, an incredible underwater sanctuary hidden away from the rest of the world. Within the confines of Leviathan, all of the various scientists, philosophers, and artists that Evangeline recruited spend their immortality pursuing their chosen vocations without any need for money and have the luxury of endless time to solve the world's most difficult problems. Leviathan is intended to be a paradise of evolutionary thought. But has Evangeline made it a prison? And what are her real intentions with the power she has been given?